Youth Seminar on Green Economy and Ecological Innovation


On 19-21 September 2012, Youth Seminar on Green Economy and Ecological Innovation under the China-ASEAN Green Envoys Program (GEP) was held in Beijing, China. The seminar was sponsored by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of China (MEP), and organized by CAEC. More than 50 representatives from AMS, ASEAN secretariat, UNEP, GIZ, Environmental Defense Fund, Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy of MEP, China Association of Environment Protection Industry, Harbin Institute of Technology and local institutions participated in this event. The special guests who were present at the opening and closing ceremony of the seminar included Tang Dingding, Director-General of Department of International Cooperation (DIC) of MEP, Song Xiaozhi, Deputy Director-General of DIC of MEP, Young-Woo Park, Regional Director and Representative of UNEP ROAP, Zhang Shigang, Representative of UNEP China Office, Zhou Guomei, Deputy Director-General of CAEC, Sun Xuefeng, Division Director for Asian Affairs of MEP, et al.
GEP is a flagship cooperation program focusing on public environmental awareness and capacity building between China and ASEAN. Ever since October 2011 that GEP was launched, three exchange activities were organized with the different themes, which are the China-ASEAN Youth Seminar on Green Development for the students, ASEAN–China Workshop on Green Economy & Environmental Management for the government officials, and this seminar for the officials and the entrepreneurs. Through the dialogues and exchanges, China and ASEAN representatives learned the good practices from each other and deepen the mutual understanding, which played a positive role in strengthening regional environmental cooperation and promoting the regional green development. The representatives attending this seminar were also organized to visit the green energy-saving communities and green buildings in Beijing. Besides, part of the representatives visited CAEC, and they discussed and exchanged the ideas for the prospective cooperation issues. 
ASEAN secretariat and UNEP ROAP both appreciated cooperation and extended their support for the continuity of activities as partners.